Struggling To Pass A Funded Challenge?

Learn how to trade like a pro, get funded, and get consistent profit splits.


Use funded capital to get 10x profits and build a six-figure personal account.

Learn everything you need to acquire a +$100k account from a major prop firm. Zero to Funded will take you from beginner to professional prop-firm trader.

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The program will include:

  • All 60 Zero To Funded videos with over 40 hours of in-depth step-by-step training ($7500 value)

  • The videos will include:

    • Core Trading Principles

    • Pro Analysis (Technical and Fundamental)

    • Pro Psychology (Training on random outcome and probability)

    • Pro Risk Management (Dynamic risk based on equity and grades)

    • Building/Expanding a Pro Playbook (with data)

    • Pro Performance (Training in executing your Playbook)

    • Proven Trading System and Edge to personalize

    • Pro Trading Habits

    • Pro Film Review (How to record and review film)

    • Refining a System's win rate and R:R

    • Beating the Psychology of the Prop-Firm Challenge

    • Walkthrough of how to approach all 3 phases of the prop-firm challenge (Phase 1, 2, and Profit-Split)

  • BONUS: My 8 heavy hitter trade setups that I depend upon week to week. Starting with 2 of them will be enough to get funded. ($5,000 value)

  • BONUS: Walkthrough and analysis of all 13 of my challenge and verification trades for one of my $100k funded accounts. Includes wins and losses. ($1,500 value)

  • BONUS: Tutorial of all the tools I use. Trade Copier, Trading View, Magic Keys, MT4, myfxbook, and more. ($500 value)

  • BONUS: Private Discord community* to ask questions about the course and connect with other traders ($500 value)

  • BONUS: Periodic Premium Webinars ($500 value)

*As long as I manage Discord, it will remain available. Discord can be closed at any time if I choose. For the foreseeable future, however, I don't see any reason.

Course Content

Welcome1 lecture • 44 min

Welcome to the Course44 min

Phase 1: Core Knowledge
Intro to Day Trading9 lectures • 1 hr 37 min

Becoming a Day Trader5 min

The ProfitX Learning Path19 min

What is Day Trading and How Do We Make Money?9 min

Types of Traders5 min

What Do We Trade?3 min

The Law of Supply and Demand29 min

What is Edge and Why Do We Need It18 min

Interpreting Wins and Losses6 min

Forming a Bias Through Analysis3 min

Technical Analysis: 1017 lectures • 2 hr 16 min

Introduction to Technical Analysis17 min

The 4 Market Phases24 min

Market Structure21 min

Support and Resistance20 min

Japanese Candlesticks28 min

Volume11 min

Combing Market Structure, Zones, Volume and Candlesticks15 min

Technical Analysis: Supply and Demand16 lectures • 1 hr 17 min

Intro to Supply and Demand8 min

Difference between Supply/Demand and Support and Resistance7 min

Types of Supply and Demand3 min

Drop-Base-Drop (Continuation)5 min

Rally-Base-Rally (Continuation)4 min

Drop-Base-Rally (Reversal)4 min

Rally-Base-Drop (Reversal)4 min

How to Draw Supply and Demand Zones4 min

Basing Candle Examples12 min

Identifying High Quality Supply and Demand Zones3 min

Strength5 min

Freshness5 min

Break of Previous Support3 min

High Risk to Reward2 min

Higher Time Frame Alignment4 min

Entering Supply and Demand Trades4 min

Fundamental Analysis2 lectures • 34 min

Intro to Fundamental Analysis28 min

Overview of News Sources6 min

Trading System: Beginner6 lectures • 2 hr 8 min

Intro to The ProfitX System9 min

Overview of The Top 6 A-Grade Setups14 min

Uptrend – Break and Retest28 min

Downtrend – Break and Retest31 min

Uptrend – Demand22 min

Downtrend – Supply24 min

Trading System: Intermediate/Advanced7 lectures • 2 hr 37 min

Uptrend – Reversal17 min

Downtrend – Reversal6 min

Reversals: Fast and Slow Patterns13 min

Accumulation/Distribution 102: 5 Phases – Buying and Selling – Part 123 min

Accumulation/Distribution 102: 5 Phases – Buying and Selling – Part 2 (Charts)60 min

Distribution/Accumulation – Break and Retest15 min

From A to A+: Scaling-In23 min

Risk management8 lectures • 1 hr 2 min

Intro to Risk Management14 min

Powerful Risk to Reward7 min

Combining Risk to Reward and Win Rate5 min

Powerful Risk According to Grade6 min

Powerful Risk According to Equity5 min

Drawdown Risk4 min

How to Measure Risk to Reward6 min

Risk Based On %15 min

Phase 2: Playbook and Performance
Intro to Pro Performance1 lecture • 16 min

Intro to Pro Trading Performance16 min

The Playbook and Edge8 lectures • 1 hr 42 min

The Playbook, Edge and Performance2 min

One Good Playbook Trade: Psychology and Consistency7 min

What's Inside a Playbook41 min

Finding a Pair/ Instruments to Trade5 min

Entering Your First Playbook Trade11 min

Finding Setups With Edge6 min

Validating Playbook Setups12 min

Grading Playbook Setups18 min

Pro Trading Performance4 lectures • 1 hr 15 min

Creating your Daily Report Card15 min

Mastering The Playbook: Bar Replay29 min

Mastering The Playbook Part 2: Highlight Reel14 min

Performance and Trade Execution17 min

Sim Trading7 lectures • 1 hr 29 min

Intro to Sim Trading4 min

Sim Trading for 3 months & Establishing you Playbook, Rules, and Routines10 min

Overview of Trading Tools13 min

Opening a demo Account10 min

MT4 Walkthrough – Account Information, Balances, Buying Power, Positions window, Open & Closed Orders Window27 min

Understanding Pips, Points, Lot Sizes, Margin19 min

Opening Our First Trade6 min

Pro Trading2 lectures • 19 min

Trade Like a Pro – Trade Manager and Hotkeys16 min

How To Use The Playbook While Trading Live3 min

Psychology3 lectures • 48 min

Intro to Trading Psychology and Performance Coaching23 min

Six Qualities of Elite Traders12 min

When to Take The Challenge or Go Live13 min

Phase 3: Getting Funded
Prop-Firm Phase 17 lectures • 45 min

How Prop-Firms Make Money From Traders5 min

Secrets That You Need To Know8 min

Trading Phase 1, 2, and The Funded Account Differently5 min

Preparing For The Prop-Firm Challenge8 min

All Trades Taken During $100K Challenge: As a Beginner Part 15 min

Free Repeat7 min

3 Ways To Beat Phase 17 min

Prop-Firm Phase 22 lectures • 18 min

How to Pass Phase 22 min

Trades Taken During $100K Verification (Wins, Losses, and Breakeven)16 min

Prop-Firm LIVE/Funded1 lecture • 3 min

The Funded Account: Get Your First Payout3 min

Details On Prop-Firms2 lectures • 9 min

FTMO vs My Forex Funds6 min

My Forex Funds 5% Daily Equity Drawdown Rule3 min

$300K MFF – Docuseries1 lecture • 9 min

Episode #19 min

Unique Scenarios1 lecture • 3 min

.5% away from the target3 min

Additional Resources
Trading Tools3 lectures • 1 hr 3 min

Meta Trader 5 Tutorial (MT5)27 min

Social Traders Tools (Trade Copier)20 min

Trading Panel16 min


ProfitX Candles


Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

Webinars9 webinars • 17 hr 56 min

May 21, 20232 hr 7 min

May 13, 20233 hr 2 min

April 16, 20231 hr 32 min

March 5, 20232 hr 17 min

January 15, 20232 hr 19 min

December 20, 20222 hr 10 min

November 13, 2022 - Part 12 hr 3 min

November 13, 2022 - Part 236 min

November 6, 20221 hr 50 min

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This Course Is For You If...

  • Want to a +100K funded account
  • Want insight into the practices of professional traders
  • Understanding that trading takes work and are willing to do the work
  • You've struggled passing challenges
  • You've passed phase 1, but failed phase 2
  • You're funded, but struggle getting a profit split.
  • Need help with trading psychology
  • Need a winning trading system
  • Need a mentor
  • Work a full-time job, but want to get started

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